A Queer Book Review Podcast

We are Lavender Lit Club, a queer book review podcast hosted by Julie Arhelger and Julian Kurashima. Every month we discuss a book written by queer authors or that takes on LGBT+ themes and features queer and diverse characters. We'll delve into it all: scifi and speculative fiction, thrillers and mystery, poetry and nonfiction, classic novels and emerging writers. Welcome to the club!

Episode 8 - Poetry Minisode 2


In our second poetry minisode, we read and discuss five of our favorite queer poems. "Come slowly--Eden" by Emily Dickensen, "After God Herself" by Justice Ameer, "Hubble Photographs: After Sappho" by Adrienne Rich, "Tonight in Oakland" by Danez Smith, and "Ardent" by Jill McDonough.

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